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The impact of blockchain innovation and gaming holds extraordinary guarantees for the development of two industries. Advances in the field of mature blockchain games have driven the drawbacks of mushroom-free resources and are ready to provide new innovations in different areas such as adaptability.

Gamers are part of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies as they became acquainted with the many virtual currency models in the game and saw the advantage of incorporating digital money into the system.

The business of eSports is booming and it is only a short time before its ascent is firmly combined with cryptocurrency payment frameworks and decentralized models.
While the combination of gaming and blockchain offers some incredible potential, there are still countless obstacles facing its progress that should be defeated so that it reaches the standard option. This is why a new project called ATTN was born to address all challenges to the gaming industry through the use of blockchain technology.

The ATTN industry is the new platform where online games and cryptocurrencies meet in which blockchain technology is integrated into the gaming network. ATTN aims to develop a gaming platform where players and users win cryptocurrencies and receive real rewards for playing games in the platform. Today I will explain more about how ATTN intends to bring about changes and revolutionize the entire gaming industry through the use of blockchain technology.

Facing the Blockchain game

The crucial obstacle facing the intersection of blockchain and gaming is extremely clear. A similar problem facing the wider industry is hampering the management and real value of existing blockchain-based games that ATTN has agreed to address.
A typical problem affecting gaming is the failure to prove the source of the virtual things clearly leading to distortion and fraud. Smart contracts allow customers to make sure they are getting legal things since they are tied and tied to the blockchain. ATTN gaming platform is designed to download games, players can get ATTN users’ status in the whole gaming environment. The player may also pay ATTN for copyright rights, game rights and related functions.

Another issue that arises due to limited flexibility is the current range of games that can be performed on the blockchain network. The slow and inactive system speed of designers has driven many games into simple or centralized games that ATTN has promised to provide solutions through technology adoption. blockchain in the new game platform.

The scalability issue will eventually indicate which stage sees most of the smart games based on them and become a more mushroom-free resource-focused model. In any case, the limits of scalability are blurring the management capabilities of the vast majority of blockchain games today.

One of the most obvious advantages of cryptocurrencies for gaming is that their utility is the fast and secure payment system that the ATTN project has adopted in its platform. With the application of blockchain technology in the platform, players will always receive rewards and payments very quickly and safely unlike the delay experienced in other gaming platforms.

Then again, the search for answers to come up with viable and interesting blockchain-based games has spurred some strong progress in blockchain’s adaptability and resource creation.

ATTN has pioneered the “build and exploit” model and most ATTN will reward community users with incentives. Includes return and withdrawal fees, login offers, content creation, game time offers, and more.

First, the ATTN development team works around the clock to find customized and modernized software solutions for its applications, enhanced by the power and uniqueness of blockchain technology. These solutions will reduce the risk of damage when users use online games.
To create such an optimal solution, ATTN chose to work with eSports. This is a huge ecosystem with a broad vision and a wealth of experience in investing cryptocurrencies.

It’s strange that ATTN chose eSports as a partner and developer. I have done a lot of research and think this is an extremely good option when eSports are growing and there are many big investors behind. Recently, eSports has experienced tremendous growth, along with a huge increase in both viewership and prize value.

To create more prestige and develop further in 2020, the project has created a lot of attractive games that allow users to have interesting experiences about the top games.

ATTN is increasingly known and used by the community, and many investors want to sign contracts with the company. ATTN currently has many large corporations cooperating such as: OKEX exchange, ToDo Capital, Safest Strategy Service, IOST, etc.

My opinion about ATTN:

In my opinion, I feel this is a perfect project not only in terms of design but also ATTN technology that gives me complete peace of mind when using my assets on their Dapps. The best part is that the project team is responsible for the children they create, they see them growing and succeeding day by day. I personally want to track this project in the future. If this is a great article, you can share it to support this project

The convergence of blockchain innovation, promising cryptocurrencies and gaming. Combined with the temporary rise of eSports and an open door for designers to appropriately adapt and care about the gaming network, there will undoubtedly encourage another gaming scene. ATTN gaming platform is designed with good interface and very easy to navigate.
ATTN has created its own token called ATTN as a form of payment token for players in the platform. Players will be able to play and earn token rewards in the platform.

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