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You know, the cryptocurrency market is growing stronger and stronger and this has made it a major financial asset, an object of intense interest and speculation around the world. The economy failed and this made crypto holdings necessary as a hedge against inflation.
Less than a few years ago, it was difficult to buy cryptocurrency, but this has changed in recent years. There are many crypto exchanges that currently support crypto services to users, with some having a localized presence. But to find a place that can specialize in providing information about cryptocurrencies and have high safety, only Safemoon Cash .

What is Safemooncash?

Safemooncash is a new Decentralized Finance Ecosystem that is entirely community-driven, with a wide range of novel and exciting new concepts. Safemoon Cash offers a new concept with rug proof and an ecosystem managed by its own community with the same concept as Bitcoin cash where Safemooncash wants to be an alternative to Safemoon which has various shortcomings, Safemooncash improves this by doing various unique and very unique improvisations. Their team established a long-term platform as well as Rug Resistant so that the community does not have to worry about being hurt unilaterally since the platform employs a new community-based approach.

Their source code is publicly accessible and has through multiple audit processes to ensure the security of its users’ valuables. The Safemooncash Smart Contract also has the “Static Reflections” function, which provides holders with passive revenue from different Safemooncash transactions on a public network, ensuring that the system’s value is maintained as the number of holders and demand grows over time. The Safemooncash Smart Contract has also been re-launched, ensuring that the community retains control of the platform, and the initial liquidity has been delivered to the burn address, preventing the Rug process and ensuring long-term passive liquidity.

Safemooncash provides a new Defi concept that is completely community-driven by implementing various unique and innovative features with safe smart contracts that have been audited. The renounced protocol also ensures control is in the hands of the community, and the Governance system will be implemented in the future. Furthermore, Safemooncash established a new system that contributes to humanity in which every transaction will be subject to a charge that will be paid to the needy, particularly to diverse individuals in third-world nations such as Africa. The tax on each transaction is 4%, with a 2% distribution to holders and contributors and a 2% distribution to automatic liquidity, ensuring a healthy ecosystem with preserved value for long-term planning.


SAFEMOON CASH SNACKS: Our community can now purchase Safemoon Cash on PancakeSwap. More exchanges are coming soon.
WEBSITE LAUNCH: is launched allowing more people to get information about the project.
AUDITS: Audits by Carpet Detectives and Tech rate.
EXCHANGE LISTINGS: Probit, Hotbit, and XT.

CHARITY PARTNERSHIPS: Giving back is important, so we will partner with charities to support those who need it most.
MORE EXCHANGE LISTINGS: We will begin the listing process on 3 more exchanges to bring Safemoon Cash to more people around the world.
COMMUNITY MEETINGS: If ambitious rules allow, we will organize community meetings in major cities.
LAUNCH OF THE AMM CONTRACT: We are building an AMM (Automated Market-Maker) protocol to provide utility and liquidity to the SMC ecosystem.

MERCH STORE EXPANSION: Introducing and including products from third-party vendors to fuel the SMC ecosystem and further expand the reach of the SMC brand through promotions and/or exclusive rights to the SMC brand. SMC (G) as a currency payment method in our Merch Store for specific SMC brands and third-party products.
PAYMENT METHOD: Integration with online payment encryption services (ie MyCryptoCheckout).
SMCG: SMCG Yield Farming Protocol (Safemoon Cash Bank). + SMCG governance token
SMCG Wagering PROTOCOL: Introduction of the Safemoon Cash Wagering Protocol, starting with the Twitch and eSports gaming industry using the SMC (G) token for competition rewards. Twitch platform for partnerships of AMA and Twitch game influencers.
EXPLORATION: Exploration of sports and sports partnerships to use the SMC (G) token for betting.

CROSS-CHAIN ​​MIGRATION: DeFi is growing rapidly and the blockchain Binance Smart Chain with its cheap and fast transactions has taken the lead. However, other blockchains are also growing in popularity. Safemoon Cash will investigate and work to establish interoperability between chains, bringing our use cases to several other blockchains (eg Solana).

EXPANDING: Further exploration and development of currency (Money) use cases for Safemoon Cash.

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